Cars: Present and Future

April 15, 2018

Automobile technology has taken leaps and bounds in recent years, swiftly making the transition from clunky, petrol-infused beasts to silky and futuristic electric cars. And it’s not just in their looks that cars are reaching towards the future; their interiors are also filled with a plethora of gadgets that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Star Trek. For instance, these modern cars are almost, but not quite, self-driving. Covered in sensors, these cars can warn the driver when a car is getting too close to anything, from any angle. These sensors have been used for years as far as parking a car is concerned, but now the industry has upped its game, allowing cars to sense those in front and from the side whilst driving. With this new function, coupled with cruise control, the car can all but drive itself, letting the driver have a relatively stress-free journey. These cars also offer internet connectivity. They had already featured GPS navigation systems to prevent you from getting lost, but now they offer the entire internet as well. Long journey times feel much shorter when the internet can be accessed, whether for reading, music or even casino games. The ability to play these games on a phone has already broadened the online gaming horizon, but being able to do so in the comfort of a car, whilst not using valuable data, pushes this domain even further. No games are exempt, and players can enjoy snapping up bonuses, free spins and making wins, all while on the move. In addition, most cars now have charging capabilities, so, even when playing, that battery will never run out. Because everything in modern cars is electronically based, overall car-maintenance is even more important, as a failure can be detrimental to everything: keyless cars can lock you out; a drop in the GPS can see you lost; and the loss of internet can simply bring on boredom.