Volvo cars

June 7, 2014

Volvo, Sweden’s premier car manufacturers, continue to maintain their status as one of the best, highest quality and most reliable in the world.

Despite tough competition from rival brands, they are still one of the top choices for buyers and are on the wish list’s of many a car lover. Their latest range of cars for 2014 is like nothing the manufacturers, who began making the vehicles in 1927, have come out with before. As well as being aesthetically enhanced, they also have all kinds of new and notable features, such as entertainment system and equipment upgrades and safety features that have further cemented them as must buys.Their new models for 2014 include an updated and upgraded version of the luxury sedan, the Volvo S60, which has long been their best seller and most sought after car in the United States. Reviews and feedback have been largely positive, with it getting strong 8/10 ratings almost across the board from buyers and critics alike. Another big one on the list is the XC70 wagon, and this is one that they have already announced they will have a new version of out in 2015. Classic model XC60 has had a huge revamp, with the 2014 offering being given a new front altogether.