Luxury options for your car

January 1, 2018

The car has come a long way from its humble beginnings, starting as a means of transport simply designed to get us from one point to another. As we spend more time in our vehicles, the everyday luxuries and gadgets you have at home can often be found as optional extras for your car. The choice of added luxury items for your car will allow you to remove the boredom of your daily commute and keep everyone entertained.

In-car Wi-Fi routers

These days we want to stay connected wherever we are, even in the car. A car Wi-Fi router allows you to create a hotspot for passengers to use and connect their devices to. Keep the kids amused by streaming TV shows or movies. If you’re looking for games for grownups, you could do worse than a few hands of poker in one of the many online casinos out there. What better way to pass the time on a long journey?


If you have a luxury convertible you will know it’s not practical to have the top down when the weather gets cooler. With an airscarf, heaters surround your upper body with warm air when the top is down, making it easier to keep the top down for longer in the season.

Luxury headliners

Some luxury car manufacturers offer a headliner with built-in lights and other optional extras. The headliner (inside roof panel) can come with built-in twinkling lights to mimic the night sky, great for getting the kids to sleep. There is a luxury option for cars to suit every taste and budget. Top car manufacturers offer their clients just about everything you can think of, from gold leaf paint finishes to luxury iPod dock/full office set up in the back for passengers. Even if your car is not one of the luxury models, you can add a bit of glamour with the in-car gadgets and car kits that are available. Whether you are on the road all the time for work or just use the car for recreation, a luxury accessory will enhance the experience even more.